Investing in the next generation of youth 

The Tibetan Education Fund works to provide equitable access to high-quality education to ensure young people are prepared for the future.
Our Strategy
We award education scholarships to individuals and funding to organizations that serve immigrant and refugee communities.
What We Fund
We invest in education for refugees and immigrants and for those of us who support them as they establish their new lives and build new futures in America.

Scholarships for Individuals

Since 1959, thousands of Tibetan refugees have resettled in America with many aspiring to achieve higher education. However, refugees and children of refugees can face significant challenges when it comes to succeeding at university. Scholarships are a crucial form of financial support, giving students the freedom to focus on their studies.

Grants for Organizations

Tibetan Education Fund is interested addressing the opportunities and challenges that come with blending cultures, languages and beliefs to strengthen our shared communities. Each year, a portion of our funds will be dedicated towards local organizations that serve immigrants, refugees and their children. We approach most of these organizations directly with an invitation and do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Scholarship Eligibility

As part of this mission, we are proud to offer two scholarships awarded to qualified students to attend or affiliate with an accredited university. We will focus our efforts on young people of Tibetan descent and those from low-income backgrounds.


Preference will be given to applicants who fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • First-generation to attend college

  • Demonstrated serious financial need

  • Demonstrated academic excellence

Scholarships Eligibility, Application & Review Process

  • The student must be between the ages of 17-29.

  • The student must be able to demonstrate Tibetan Heritage.

  • Each candidate must provide academic transcript of grades.

  • All candidates must provide the following information: Name, Address, Telephone, Birth date, Grade Point Average, Career Goal, List of Extracurricular and Community Service Activities.

Tibetan College Scholarship

$1,000 award to five students per year.

These scholarships is intended for motivated students from Tibet to have the opportunity to earn an accredited, academic degree.

Nursing Scholarship

$5,000 award to one student per year.

The goal of this scholarship is to support students on a pathway to finding meaningful employment in nursing.


About Us

Established in 2018, the Tibetan Education Fund's mission is to ease the financial barriers that stand between individuals pursuing a college education. We understand that displacement is impediment for the children of refugee and asylum-seeking immigrants. Without a quality education it is nearly impossible to make a new life and obtain a professional career in a new country. Our scholarships help youth become economically mobile and develop self-sufficiency as, integrated and contributing members of their communities.


My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.

- Dalai Lama



People everywhere have the same desires for basic human rights including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom to speak one’s native language, freedom to elect leaders democratically and freedom to live peacefully without threat under laws that honor moral decency. In every Tibetan community all over the world there is unyielding solidarity and a commitment to speak the Tibetan language and to teach the Tibetan culture to future generations.

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